Hiring-Manufacturing Technician

EPS Care Technologies Inc. is located at 1-80 Gough Road, Markham Ontario Canada. We manufacture Level-1 & Level-3 procedural mask.

Our production machine: we use the latest manufacturing technology and machine from China specifically designed for disposable mask production - “Lianrou Mini Full-automatic Disposable Mask Machine”.

We are now hiring a Manufacturing technician for our production machine, details below:

  • Job Title:  Manufacturing Technician
  • Skills Requirement:
    • Must have the Training Certificate on installation, use and maintenance of  “Lianrou Mini Full-automatic Disposable Mask Machine”
    • Minimum 1 year experience relating to the installation & maintenance of “Lianrou Mini Full-automatic Disposable Mask Machine”
    • Knowledge to inspect, test, troubleshoot and calibrate of the mechanical equipment and systems related to our production machine
    • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced, physically demanding, team-oriented atmosphere
  • Job duty:
    • Conduct production and quality assurance 
    • Inspect, test, troubleshoot relating to our production machine
    • Maintenance of our production machine
    • Assist in the preparation of specifications and reports for related projects
    • Compile operational data and training manual of our production machine
    • Training new worker on operating and maintenance of our production machine
    • Improve/assist in design of plant layouts & production efficiency
  • Salary: $30 per hour; 35 hours per week
  • Full-time position
  • Employment duration: 2-year term
  • Work hour: Monday to Friday 11 am to 7 pm (1-hour lunch break without pay)
  • Location of work: 1-80 Gough Road, Markham, Ontario
  • To Apply by email only: info@eps-caretech.com